Building Hours:  Monday-Friday: 6:00am-8:00pm   |   Saturday: 7:00am-3:00pm   |   Sunday: 8:00am-3:00pm


Phase 4 of the Illinois Reopening plan DOES NOT not require masks to be worn while working out or engaging in programs, unless your 6ft social distance is compromised. Masks are required to be worn when entering the facilities, in ALL common areas (locker rooms hallways, bathrooms etc.), or whenever you are not able to safely practice social distance. Masks are required whenever you are spotting someone in the free weight area as well. You may wear your masks at all times if you're more comfortable doing so, however it is no longer an IDPH requirement while exercising or participating in programing.


New session begins on Monday 2/22,21 and runs through Sunday 4/18/21. 


Silver Sneakers
Silver Sneakers classes are designed for the older adults seniors 60+ years or older. To help keep you active, healthy and moving. Classes are designed for all levels of fitness and are free to all Silver Sneakers members. You must register for these classes in order to secure a space. Silver Sneaker classes run on a 6-8 week session. You can sign up for classes at the Front desk or stopping by the Healthy Living Director office. Due to Covid19 classes are limited to a maximum of 15 participants per class. These classes are free to seniors who have a 

Pav YMCA membership. Guests can register for the 8 weeks session for a total of $32 per class.


Class Formats and descriptions


SILVERSNEAKERS CLASSIC Have fun and move through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of motion, and improve abilities for daily living and relaxation, all within a safe and positive environment. A chair is used for seated and/or standing support. 


SILVERSNEAKERS YOGA Improve your flexibility, movement, balance and relaxation. A chair is used for seated and/or standing support.  


BOOM- MOVE AND MUSCLE Do you like fast-paced challenging workouts? BOOM was developed by leading fitness experts to improve strength, flexibility and endurance workouts. These classes will challenge you, but don’t worry: One-handed push-ups aren’t required.



SliverSneakers Classic: Monday, 8-8:50a & 9-9:50a, Tuesdays, 8-8:50a, Wednesdays 8-8:50a & 9-9:50a, Thursdays, 8-8:50a, Fridays, 9-9:50a.

Chair Yoga: Tuesdays, 9-9:50a, Thursdays, 9-9:50a.

BOOM: Held in Gym Tuesdays, 8-8:55a, Thursdays, 8-8:55a.



For questions, comments, or concerns, please contact:

Raj Waller

Healthy Living/Programs Director

708.749.0606 ext. 320